What Does the Vigilant Sentry Do for You?
Rental Property Owners
As a business person you know the importance of accountability. It is especially important where the sale of the product or service is managed by a third party or is managed remotely.

Until now you had no way of auditing your rental property usage remotely.

You now can verify the rental report which the rental agent sends you, enabling you to catch mistakes or abuse. You can verify that the staff is visiting as needed for housekeeping and maintenance of the property. You can spot unauthorized use of the property.

If you are doing "rental by owner", you can verify that the occupants came and went as agreed upon.

Second Home Owners
The Vigilant Sentry gives you "Peace of Mind"!

If you have a second home managed by a building superintendent you now know when your property is visited by staff or others.

If you have a second home and have contracted to have someone inspect your home and make needed emergency repairs or have others needs such as pool maintenance you can have the confidence of knowing that they are visiting your home as agreed to.

You also can detect if someone is using your home without your permission.

Other Uses