What is the Vigilant Sentry?
It is a service which provides an occupancy report for the monitored property. The report is posted on this website. You can view it at any time using your customer ID and password. Please examine the sample report.

The report can be delivered monthly to you by e-mail, FAX, or USPS mail if you request.

This service, unlike a security system, monitors authorized access to your property. It reports overnight occupancy and visits by staff and others.

How does it Work?
The Vigilant Sentry uses a device connected to a motion detector or other suitable detector installed in the monitored property to record activity in the property. The device calls an "800" number in the early morning hours as needed to report the activity which it observes.

The report is analyzed to distinguish between people living in the property and other activity such as housekeeping creating an occupancy report.

The Vigilant Sentry was created to help monitor usage of property located at a distance from the owner. It gives the owner confidence that he knows when the property is used or visited.
Why do I need it?